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About is an initiative of is a FREE University with the goal of teaching FREE classes to Educate*Enjoy*Engage. In the Fall of 2022, EmpowerU will begin it’s 24th semester of teaching FREE classes beginning September 15. The subject matter of classes taught includes Education, Politics, History, Economics, Government and Fun topics. Classes can be attended in person at EmpowerU Studio at Frame USA (outside Cincinnati, Ohio) or they can be attended virtually via Zoom by going to the website the evening of the class.

During 2021, EmpowerU began another initiative called which was an initiative to bring to parents attention the indoctrination of students at public schools and colleges in Ohio and around the United States. EmpowerU was able to put Critical Race Theory in front of the public and with the help of many others we were able to impact changes in Ohio’s Department of Education. It was during our work with Critical Race Theory that it was determined the importance of placing God back in our
school system and was a major driving force of

We encourage you to be Empowered by the words of Dwight David Eisenhower when he made the decision to put God back into American’s lives. Now today, you have the real opportunity to help change the trajectory of public education by sponsoring a copy of our National Motto to be placed in your local school district. We Thank You.