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We are inspired by the words of President Dwight David Eisenhower, “Out of faith in God, and through faith in themselves as His children, our forefathers designed and built the Republic.”

We hope that citizens will step up and help decorate Public Schools with Eisenhower’s important message—our National Motto. Recently in Texas (Texas had the same law as Ohio), Patriot Mobile a big cell phone company stepped up and bought images of the National Motto for all public schools.  We love the fact that our initiative is a Citizen lead action of the people. And that the people will help put God back into the Public Schools. Please help.

The school system is required by law to place the framed image in its school if it is donated. We will do our best to acquire a picture of the framed item on the wall of the school and email it to you

That means that someone has already bought an Picture frame for that District (The District name will start with a *).   You can email us the name of the exact school location you want to donate to and we’ll contact the school and ask them if they will accept your donation for that specific school in that district.  Email:

This is unknown territory but we will do our best to hold school systems accountable if they are not following the law.

By law the school system is only required to hang one In God We Trust picture frame in a school system in an Auditorium, Cafeteria or Class Room. If your school’s District name starts with a * that means that means someone has already ordered a frame for that school district.   You can email us with the name of the specific school location you want to donate to and we’ll contact the district and try to see if they will accept the donation.   Email:

Biographers insist that Eisenhower never intended to force his beliefs on anyone. President Eisenhower simply reaffirming the “transcendence of religious faith in America’s heritage and future; in this way we shall constantly strengthen those spiritual weapons which forever will be our country’s most powerful resource in peace and war.”

The following are the items included in the box that the school receives:

     1)  The school will receive a history of the National Motto that can be posted alongside of the framed image.

     2)  The school will receive notice of who donated the framed item (you), and the message that you sent to the school when you checked out.

     3)  The school will received the framed picture–that is ready to hang–the picture will arrived shrinkwrapped and protected.

     4)  The school will receive notice that if they need more pictures frames that we can put other schools in the district online for people to donate to.

Yes, in Texas one cell phone company Patriot Mobile bought “In God We Trust Images” for all the schools.   The beauty of this initiative is that this is provided directly from the citizens–us–not one large company.   Please help us!

Framed Items ship directly to the School District to the address we have been provided by the Ohio Board of Education.   If want the framed item to ship to you at your house to present to the School District at a meeting please email us when placing the order.   Email:

The frame is made with MDF wood and has a smooth finish that is resistant to damage.   The picture is drymounted to a piece of foam core and inserted into the frame.   On the front of the frame is a piece of plexiglass like material so that there will not be glass breakage.  On the back of the frame is a wire hanger which makes the frame ready to hang out of the box.

Yes, 7.8% Sales Tax is Being Paid to the State of Ohio on any framed items shipped to customers.

These framed products are 100% manufactured and all components are completely made in the U.S.A.

Just email us the exact schools you want frames for and we will try to solicit these donations for you.  Email:

Manufacturing Costs–36×24 In God We Trust Image
    Manufacturer Frame, Materials, Glazing26.03
    Printing Image5.34
    Drymounting Black4.6
    Install Wire Hanger-Insert Image5
   + Single Box2.5
   Includes Shrinkwrap1.75
   Bubble Wrap2
   1 Hour Labor–Donor Certificate, All Labeling
        Packing, Ordering Materials20
   Paypal Costs3.67
   Sales Tax–Hamilton County8.19


Frames are being manufactured in Cincinnati, OH at which is an affiliated organization with the Managing Board Member of We simply don’t know of another company that can produce these frames at a wholesale cost to distribute to Ohio Schools.